SassoErminia is the first Bed and Breakfast and Cultural Center Ecosustainable offering to your holiday the chance to immerse yourself in nature with zero impact

Made of renovating an old farmhouse withgreen building techniquesnatural materialsecodesign and reconstructing a portion of wood and straw, SassoErminia is a magical place nestling in a stunning landscape as that of Valmarecchia in which to spend a few days of vacation and relaxation in complete harmony with nature.

bed & breakfast camera naturale ecosostenibileThe rooms and lounges where you will be accommodated providing comfort that you will not find elsewhere because the natural materials with which they were made ​​(natural plaster, wood, straw, etc.) really convey the feeling of continuing to be immersed in nature while remaining within ‘interior spaces. Breathe in, not only in a figurative way, the feeling of spending your moments of relaxation in complete harmony with nature and the surrounding landscape, in a phrase “you do also love nature”

SassoErminia is also a place in which to realize initiatives, workshops, meetings, seminars and educational events in the subject’s well-being, the environment and natural materials, eco-design and re-use.
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SassoErminia is a project of Patrizia and Andrea Casadei Zanzini to enhance the eco-friendly hospitality, the territory of VALMARECCHIA and for promoting respect for the environment, nature and landscape (also adheres to this all’ ViviValmarecchia ) and was carried out respecting the history of the territory, the natural environment in which it lives, discovering and reusing all the materials of the old farmhouse, and especially through a series of eco-friendly materials and technologies trai such as: passive house in wood and straw in class A +, renewable energy (photovoltaics, heat pumps, LED lights), constructed wetland wastewater, natural plasters in earthen, with LED lighting, rainwater recovery, energy efficiency, Bío-lake and much more…

Since its inception the workshop for the construction of the portion of wood and straw saw it coming from all over Italy in Valmarecchia dozens of people, including many young professionals in the construction industry (engineers, architects, artisans, etc. ..) and there is day we receive the visit of curious and interested each with its own project related to ‘live healthier and more natural’ to whom we offer all the advice we can offer.

SassoErminia was financed with bank loan from Banca Popolare Etica, does not receive direct public funding, while benefits from tax deductions for renovations and energy conservation.

You can contact SassoErminia in so many ways, by filling out the information request form below, via email to or through social networks