There is a booklet in our kitchen that has the following title: “Cooking in peace”, we like it very much, it collects only vegan recipes, it is a gift from Alberto

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Cooking in peace by Marinella Correggia. Recipes and ideas ecological and non-violent Because the food of the future is veg, healthy and cheap, respectful of people and climate

… We esteem a lot who makes this choice so our breakfast, if you want, can be completely vegan.

We serve homemade cakes without eggs, without milk, without butter, without any animal products.

The most appreciated vegan recipe is a very simple sweet that does not even have yeast (recipe by Giulia Zanzini) with the scent of lemon and ginger and of course very light and digestible, a recipe that often receives appreciation even from those who have not yet made the choice vegan.

Then we often serve chickpea and cocoa cake, which in addition to being vegan is also gluten-free as the flour used is only chickpea.

Finally, there are homemade jams with very little brown sugar (fairtrade) and centrifuged organic fruit mostly at km0 that we make very fresh in the morning.
For those who are not vegans we also offer yogurt (but homemade, to save the world a little ‘plastic, with organic milk).

It is not easy and sometimes you are forced to compromise, but our intention is increasingly to “cook in peace”.

Every time we receive a request to stay in SassoErminia we always ask in advance if our guests prefer this type of breakfast as well as we also ask if they have food intolerances or if they prefer products completely gluten-free celiac.