casa paglia legno bed and breakfast

SassoErminia is the first Bed and Breakfast completely eco.sostenibile, built by renovating an old country house with techniques of green building including wood and straw that, together with the use of natural plasters, guarantees an absolutely comfortable indoor environment

A portion of the house, annexed in the 50s and built with materials of little value, was rebuilt from scratch with a structure made of wood and straw bales.

corso autocostruzione casa legno paglia sassoerminiaPassive house in wood and straw

Living in a healthy and natural environment is very important for our health, and what could be more natural than straw? The straw construction, in fact, favors the establishment of an ideal balance between temperature and humidity of the air that contribute to the creation of a perfect habitat.

The house in wood and straw is not only healthy, but also “passive”, i.e. it does not require heating and cooling because it is hot in winter and cool in summer thanks to the straw bales that, inserted in the cavities of the perimeter walls and the roof, maintain an ideal insulation from outside temperatures.
Due to their intrinsic characteristics, these houses do not require special additional anti-seismic structures and are much more resistant to fire than traditional houses.

The straw house not only allows a significant reduction in construction costs, but also makes possible an easy self-construction for anyone.

Workshops for self-construction
by SassoErminia in wood and straw

The construction of the portion in wood and straw is being carried out thanks to a workshop (a construction site school that lasted only 8 days) that brought in Valmarecchia dozens of people from all over Italy, including many young professionals in the construction industry (engineers, architects, craftsmen, etc. ..)

There is no lack of day when we receive visits from people interested in this new rtpologia of construction, each with its own project to which we offer all the advice that we can give.


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