training rooms, corporate events and meetings eco-sustainableEco-business, welcome sustainable for the business sector, events, conferences, meetings, training sessions, business meetings

SassoErminia is able to accommodate events and business meetings equipped rooms immersed in the green hills of Valmarecchia with all the amenities and services needed, both technological (wifi , projector) that for relaxation and well-being in the work breaks (fitness room, whirlpool, turkish bath).

training rooms, corporate events and meetings eco-sustainableYour corporate event made ​​a SassoErminia will have the advantage of being totally eco-friendly by reducing the impact on the environment and constitutes a socially responsible initiative thanks to:

    • Environments created with eco-friendly materials and environmentally friendly in accordance with the principles of green building.

  • Using RES (photovoltaics and heat pumps)

  • Supply of recycled materials and environmentally friendly for your work

  • Reduction of water consumption through reuse and recovery systems

  • Reduction of energy consumption thanks to a comfortable lighting with LED

  • Collection and reduction of waste products


  • Enrollment management and bookings, organizing secretary
  • Options menu and coffee breaks km to zero (we work with local suppliers and we operate in minimizing waste and offer organic products, possibly vegetarian, vegan and always in season)
  • Implementation of a Web Site dedicated to the event
  • Web marketing and promotion of the event , also through a wide network of accredited partners and social networks