If you do not find availability in the chosen period, without obligation, please fill out the form “Request information” beside indicating the dates for your stay in SassoErminia, if possible we will try to find the solution that best suits your needs.

Hospitality, out of this world

Bed&Breakfast offers double rooms and a mini apartment. Immersed in the green hills you will live a unique experience in terms of comfort and relaxation

Dutchtub Wood

A natural bathroom under the stars in a very comfortable tub heated in a natural way only by wood fire; a ritual, an experience, accompanied by an appetizer based on healthy local products, a good vine bottle, served directly in the tub

Holiday and comfort ecofriendly

With natural materials and eco-sustainable solutions your stay will be zero impact but also a unique experience of comfort, discover all the solutions …

Passive House in Wood and Straw

A portion of the house has been rebuilt with a structure of wood and straw bales, totally comfortable indoor environment unique

SassoErminia is the first totally eco-sustainable bed & breakfast immersed in the hills of the Marecchia valley.
Staying in the rooms completely made of natural and noble materials offers a unique experience in terms of comfort.

Everything else is offered by the landscape and history of the Marecchia valley, a few kilometres from Rimini Verucchio, SanLeo and San Marino.
From an ancient residence of 1600 renovated with green building techniques, including a partial reconstruction in wood and straw, was born a place of wellness, rest and discovery of historical routes, nature reserves, routes for cyclists, fortresses and medieval villages, food and wine riches

What you'll find at SassoErminia.....

Natural swimming pool

Our pool is naturally purified with electrolysis to salt which avoids chemicals and respects the environment. No more irritation to the eyes, no more dry skin, crystal clear water and always sanitized with a wonderful panoramic view

Vegan breakfast on request

we offer homemade cakes without any animal origin product, a delicious vegan breakfast for those who are not yet

Workshops , Classes, Events and Workshops

Formative experiences and relationships , made in partnership with a network of organizations in the fields of Wellness natural materials green building techniques

artigianato artistico riuso recupero materia novafeltria b&b

Artistic handicraft

A SassoErminia meet generous craftsmen and artists who leave their mark in the works that gift to us, often recovering and giving new life to old materials

Places to visit, experiences to live

b&b san marino bed and breakfast montefeltro

San Marino

If you want to visit San Marino, the ancient republic of freedom, SassoErminia is the perfect setting where to stay in few minutes by car, take advantage and book your stay

b&b san leo bed and breakfast montefeltro

San Leo

San Leo, charming place of Valmarecchia and Montefeltro, one of the most beautiful ancient villages in Italy, in the hinterland of Rimini (Emilia Romagna), a few minutes from SassoErminia

b&b pennabilli bed and breakfast montefeltro hotel


The city of Tonino Guerra and street performers, buskers, a trove of wonderful art treasures and culture in the heart of Valmarecchia

b&b sant'agata feltria bed and breakfast montefeltro hotel

Sant'agata Feltria

A small medieval village placed in the Valley of the Marecchia and Savio, with the famous National White Truffle Fair, The Country Christmas

The Interregional Park of Sasso Simone and Simoncello

The Interregional Park of Sasso Simone and Simoncello, 4,991 hectares, is rich of natural paths and trails for the richness and variety of flora and fauna

Nature Observatory Valmarecchia

Located inside the Oasis of Montebello wildlife protection presents the territory of the Valmarecchia and its evolution with productions and interactive games

Renaissance views

Enters a landscape of Art; Montefeltro and Valmarecchia were portraits by Leonardo, Piero della Francesca, Vasari and many other artists in their works, visit the landscapes and scenarios of many splendid works and Get it back in the contemporary landscape

Walking and hiking

The website of the Italian Alpine Club – Section of Rimini which organizes numerous walking, hiking and climbing in Valmarecchia and Montefeltro, please contact us for detailed maps of trails and paths, and further information

Trekking, mountain bike, nordic walking

Trekking Romagna offers trekking, mountain biking and Nordic walking, in the hinterland of Valmarecchia accompanied by a hiking guide, please contact us for more info

India e Orissa

Some years ago we lived an extraordinary experience in the Indian state of Orissa. In contact with native populations and because of Sanatan, guide with 20 years of experience. We want to share it and if you want more information do not hesitate to ask